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let's talk money

No one likes to talk money when it comes to wedding planning, but we believe in putting it all out there!

How Much will your Wedding Cake Cost?

It's impossible to suggest a cost for your custom designed wedding cake as many factors go into the breakdown:

-Will it be a faux display cake or real cake

-The Number of Tiers

-WOW Factor Elements

-The Number of Servings

-The Number of Hours Required to Create Your Wedding Cake

-Additional Embellishments

-Hand Detailed Work

-Cake Stand or Floral Base

-Custom Cake Table

-Delivery and Setup

However, the average cost of our wedding cakes start at $1,000 for a small 3 tier cake that serves 75 with minimal décor. In our design session, we will have you detail your dream wedding cake. You will then be given a  proposal based on three packages that best cater to your desires.

A good rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of your wedding budget toward your wedding cake presentation. When you come to the design session it is super important to know what your maximum budget is for the wedding cake so that we can make suggestions accordingly.

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