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If you can relate to 2 of these issues, you should join
the biz: Focus session.

1 / Do You Often Feel Alone on this Journey?

Entrepreneurship can feel lonely because the success of the business solely falls on you. As much as you want others to feel have as much excitement and belief in your business as you, the reality is that they aren't because it's your dream, not theirs.

2 / Do You Find it Hard to Balance ALL the Things?

Many small business owners have a passion for what they do, but don't know much about the business side. As a small business owner you are responsible for all the things like marketing, sales, social media, finances, administrative duties as well as production. How does one person do it ALL?

3 / Struggling to get Consistent Sales?

Business days are like a crazy roller coaster ride. One day you are flying high in the sky, sales are flowing in and the next, it's as dry as the Sahara desert and you don't know when the next deal is going to come through.


What is the Biz: Focus Session?

Join the movement to gaining confidence to move like a business owner and not an employee of your business.

A Results-Driven Training Method

Where you will have 30 minutes of group coaching, an hour to actively implement, and 30 minutes to ask your burning business questions.


Community of Business Owners

In our bi-weekly sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect, network, and share ideas with like minded business owners.


Choose your pricing plan

  • One-Time Pass

    One-Time Access
    Valid for 7 days
    • Virtual Zoom Meeting
    • Sneak Peak into Facebook Group for 7 Days
  • Deluxe

    Every month
    Bi-Weekly Virtual Meetings
    • Access to Bi-Weekly Virtual Meetings
    • Monthly Access to Facebook Community
    • Access to the Replays
    • Access to Virtual Library
    • Access to Learning Resources
  • VIP

    Every month
    Bi-Weekly In-Person Meetings
    • Access to Facebook Community
    • Replay Access
    • Virtual Library
    • Learning Resources
    • Matched with an Accountability Group
    • Brunch, Mimosas, and Live Q&A with Ebonie on Meeting Days
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