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Introducing our Signature 2 Tiered Naked Cake – the ultimate blend of artistry and flavor that allows you to infuse your unique touch. If you've ever yearned for a cake that not only looks and tastes divine but also embraces your personal flair inspired by Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, your search ends here.


This exquisite centerpiece is tailor-made for your upcoming gatherings, whether it's an intimate wedding or an exclusive dinner party – an absolute show-stopper that will leave everyone in awe of your creativity.


Choose from four delightful size options to cater to your guest list:


  • Mini (serves up to 30) – A delightful, compact version for more intimate gatherings.

  • The Tall Mini (serves up to 30) – The same capacity as the Mini but with three layers, adding extra elegance.

  • Large (serves up to 50) – A generous size for larger gatherings, ensuring there's enough to go around.

  • The Tall Large (serves up to 50) – A grand and visually striking option, featuring three layers despite the smaller dimensions.


With our 2 Tiered Naked Cake as your canvas and your personal touch as the masterpiece, your celebration is destined to be an unforgettable event. Elevate your special occasions with a cake that's a reflection of your style and taste.

2 Tiered Naked Cake